More Californians Practice Open Carry


Open Carry Getting More Common in CaliforniaRunning Enspired Technology Inc., an information technology consulting firm, is no nine-to-five, and the 32-year-old Ontario resident can find himself on the job anytime, even during the wee hours of the morning.

Wrye is working on obtaining a concealed weapons permit, but in the meantime he “open carries” his handgun, unconcealed, unloaded in a holster on one side of his waist, with a full magazine on the other side.

“It's the economic turmoil,” Wrye said. “I carry expensive equipment in my vehicles. I feel better protected having it with me. It makes me feel a lot safer, overall.”

Gun rights advocates such as Wrye dodged a bullet last week when a state bill that would have made it illegal to carry unconcealed firearms in California escaped consideration on the final day of this year's legislative session.

Fearing a Republican filibuster, Democrats decided to set the bill aside so others deemed more critical could be considered, officials say.

Assemblywoman Lori Salda a, D-San Diego, introduced the legislation known as Assembly Bill 1934. It's supported by the California Police Chiefs Association and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, she said. Read more


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