P-TACTICAL SPUR: Nikon’s First Reflex Red-Dot Sight


Nikon's first foray into reflex sights, the P-TACTICAL SPUR appears to have everything to get a shooter on target fast.

Hunters, competitive shooters and plain old plinkers have always sought the optimal balance between price and performance when it comes to optics. Face it, saving coin can mean strapping a clunker on a rifle and going top shelf can result in a second mortgage. Not exactly the frying pan or fire most want to get caught in.

There is a rare middle ground in this aiming solutions conundrum, one which over the years Nikon has staked a steady claim. Once better known for its cameras, the Japanese manufacturer has won many shooters’ hearts with scopes long on performance and relatively short on price. And now it has turned its attention to another nook of the optics market with the introduction of its first reflex sight: the P-TACTICAL SPUR.

Presently available at a number of retailers, the sight is tailored for close- and medium-range applications and is compatible with nearly any pistol, rifle or shotgun via a Picatinny Rail. And with a MSRP of $219 — backed up by Nikon’s reputation and a 5-year warranty — the red-dot optic should be within reach of the greater shooting public.

One of the more notable aspects the P-TACTICAL SPUR brings to the table is its economical battery use. Nikon pegs the 1x magnification optic at 15,000 hours of run time off one battery. Given many opt to use reflex sights as a back-up option, the exceptional battery life should offer peace of mind the TACTICAL SPUR won’t poop out in a pinch.

The 1.1-ounce optic is unobtrusive at a hair over 1 inch in length and offers all the functionality shooters have come to expect from red-dots. The 10 intensity settings — two of them night vision compatible — help the P-TACTICAL SPUR thrive night and day. Its 3 MOA red-dot is centered in an extra-wide 27mm x 16mm sighting window facilitating fast target acquisition. And Nikon’s proprietary TRUCOLOR lens coating ensures a clear sight picture once the target is found.

The P-TACTICAL SPUR is also ready to tackle the muck, dust and water of hard use. Built on a lightweight aluminum chassis, the sight has an IPX7 rating, which means it can endure most wet or wild situations.


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