Market Trends: Court Rulings Helping Western Concealed Carry Market


concealed carryKris W. JacobBullseye USA, Inc., Stores in California and Nevada

With stores in Castro Valley and San Rafael, Calif., Bullseye USA is seeing a surge in small handgun sales. Why?

Explains Bullseye President Kris Jacob, “While demand for full-size handguns in self-defense calibers is still strong, concealed carry has been getting a great deal of press in California and Nevada as a result of two 9th Circuit Court decisions challenging local law enforcement’s ‘may issue,’ policies on constitutional grounds.”

California handgun options are restricted to that state’s “approved list,” but within that parameter, smaller models by Kahr, Ruger and Sig Sauer are doing well.

At the Gardnerville, Nev., store, the Glock 42 is a big seller, at $480.

“When we can get them in!” Jacob added.

Handguns haven't been the only thing moving for Bullseye.

“We've been having great success with Off The Grid MKi Appendix Carry Holsters, as well as the Haley Strategic/G-Code INCOG Holsters,” Jacob notes. “These holsters offer deep concealment and comfort in one package.”

Editor's Note: This brief originally appeared in the May 15, 2014 edition of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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