Kentucky: The Next No Permit Concealed Carry State?


Could Kentucky be the next no-permit concealed carry state?State Representative Mike Harmon of Danville, who's also a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, says he wants to accomplish two things with his bill… restore freedoms and make concealed carry available to those who can't afford the 60-70 dollars it costs to take the class and get the permit. Some say there are other costs to consider, too. Guns aren't cheap and if you want to buy one of these and carry it out in your purse or put it in your car's console, you have to spend more money and get some training. Kentucky Police like it that way.

Lt. Col. Spike Jones, Covington Police: “We haven't had a lot of problems with concealed carry permit people here in the Commonwealth and I think it has to do with the training they undergo to get the permit.”

But what if just about everyone on the street could carry concealed? Now police know if a car they pull over is registered to someone who also can carry a concealed weapon.

“I think without the appropriate training and qualification, I would agree it does compromise our safety as police officers.”

The bill is the brainchild of State Representative Mike Harmon of Danville. If it passes, Kentucky would become only the fourth state that allows concealed carry without a permit. Read more


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