Homeowner Shoots Twice at Home Invasion Suspect


Homeowner scares off intruders with gun.SPOKANE, Wash. – Police are investigating a possible home invasion in the 2100 block of east 35th on Spokane's south hill.

Police say they received a call from a homeowner around 7 p.m. Friday.  He told police someone tried to break into his house and he shot at them.

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The homeowner, 85-year-old Andy Anderson, said he had just gone to bed when he heard someone enter his home through a side door.  Mr. Anderson said the suspect then went to his home office and began rummaging around.  At that point Mr. Anderson grabbed his handgun and confronted the suspect in the hallway.

Mr. Anderson said he came face to face with the suspect and shouted at him, “Who are You?” when the suspect did not respond Mr. Anderson said he fired at him twice and the suspect fled through the front door.

At this time police do not have a suspect description and cannot confirm whether or not the suspect was hit when Mr. Anderson fired at him. Read more

Source: khq.com

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