Hands On: New Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS

Hands On: New Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS

Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS-fBack in August of this year, Remington introduced a new model to its R1 line of 1911 pistols. This new gun, chambered in the potent 10mm Auto and featuring a 6-inch stainless steel match grade barrel, was dubbed the Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS (Long Slide).

According to the company, this new long slide 1911 was purpose built primarily for hunters to use afield. And given its powerful chambering and its long, accurate barrel, it would seem well suited to that task.

This fall, during Remington's annual New Product Seminar in West Virginia, I was able to spend a little time with the new R1 10mm Hunter LS at The Summit, a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) shooting facility. Although I wasn't able to put the gun through a typical accuracy test with a variety of ammunition, I did put close to 50 rounds of Remington's UMC 180-grain FMJ through it, and that was in addition to the untold number of rounds fired through it by other members of the media before I picked it up. As such, I can't provide a full review of the gun, but I can offer some first impressions.

Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS -2Firs off, the R1 10mm Hunter LS feels great in the hand. The gun wears VZ Operator II G10 grips and sports a checkered mainspring housing, as well as an extended beavertail grip safety with a checkered bump. These features, combined with the gun's heft, courtesy of a weight of 41 ounces, results in a comfortable yet solid feel in the hands. And the weight and extended barrel length obviously help with recoil, which, although clearly present, wasn't unbearable by any means.

The sights on the Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS are also tailored for accuracy, being adjustable at the front and rear. The rear is a fully adjustable LPA match sight, while the front is a drift adjustable fiber optic. I didn't bother with adjustments at the event, however, because I had no problem hitting the steel targets that had been set out at around 20 yards or so.

A lot of 1911s are known for having very good triggers, and the Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS does not disappoint. The gun has a skeletonized adjustable trigger that can be set between 3.5 and 5.5 pounds, depending on the shooter's preference. I'm not sure what the pull was set at when I shot the gun, but it felt pretty consistent, clean and smooth every time.

There are several other nice features on the gun, including wide front and rear cocking serrations for manipulating the slide, ambidextrous safety levers, a PVD DLC finish on both slide and frame for added durability, and a beveled, oversized ejection port to help with smooth ejection of spent cases. Another important element on the gun is a Picatinny accessory rail for lights and lasers, which the R1 10mm Hunter LS should have plenty of room for given its extended length.

The new Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS is available at an MSRP of $1,310 and ships with two 8-round stainless steel, flush-fit magazines. For dedicated handgun hunters, or fans of the 10mm Auto looking for a 1911 chambered in that cartridge, this gun should definitely be a consideration.

Specifications for the new Remington R1 10mm Hunter LS can be found below. For more information on the gun, visit Remington's website.


remington-r1-10mm-specRemington R1 10mm Hunter LS
Type: Semi-auto, single action
Caliber: 10mm Auto
Barrel: 6-in., match grade, stainless
Twist: 1:16 in.
Overall Length: 9.5 in.
Overall Height: 5.75 in.
Weight: 41 oz.
Frame: Stainless steel
Slide: Stainless steel
Finish: PVD DLC
Trigger: 3.5-5.5 lbs., adjustable
Grip: VZ Operator II G10
MSRP: $1,310
Manufacturer: Remington


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  1. It would be interesting to see that in a comparison/accuracy test with the SIG0220 Elite in 10mm. I’ve got a Kimber Eclipse II in 10mm which I love, and have had a couple G20s. I like the P220 and Kimber so much better than the G20s, the capacity trade off was worth it.

  2. Looks a little pricey. One reason why I prefer a revolver as my main sidearm–with a pistole as backup when I’m in the mountains. I do like the gun though.


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