Dont Let Your Guard Down

Is the panic buying on ammo finally slowing down and will we see store shelves stocked again soon?

I talked with the guys behind the counter and they said that even a few weeks ago they couldn’t keep black rifles or ammo in stock, but things were slowing down. I already knew that. The president of one of the major black rifle makers told me a couple of weeks ago that the bloom was fading on the AR-15 blossom. He said that the expected cancellations were coming in and that the back order log was growing smaller.

Most buyers had placed multiple orders for the rifle they wanted with plans to take the first one that arrived. That contributed heavily to the backorder log. Once they received a rifle, they simply canceled the other orders and suddenly back orders started to abate. But, it’s like one astute guy behind the gun shop counter said, “Sooner or later Obama, or somebody in his administration, will run their mouth and it will start again.”

Panic buying is a problem that will run like the tides, with ebbs and flows, but is not about to go away. Obama is after our guns, nobody with more than ten brain cells believes otherwise. But, he is smart and patient. He is stacking the deck with anti-gun appointees and he is using the press to soften things up with suppressing fire. From the ridiculous stories about how Mexico’s troubles are all our fault to the insultingly biased 20-20 “exposé” on how arming students will not work, the press is working to soften up the opposition.

If you doubt for a minute that the mainstream press is now completely in Obama’s pocket, consider that on June 24th ABC News will broadcast from the Whitehouse while pushing for socialized medicine and they will not allow any opposing voices to be heard. The networks are now state run; all that is left is to make it official. At the rate Obama is nationalizing our banking and manufacturing sectors, I am sure that’s coming.

Obama owns the mainstream press and they are ramping up on the gun control issue. When he will strike is the only unknown. My guess is that they are just waiting for the right time. In fact, Dianne Feinstein said exactly that; “I will pick the time and place.” They need something catastrophic to happen, and one way or the other, it will. That will be the launch for going after guns. If it is serious enough they will do an end run on the Constitution and simply try to take them. Don’t think for a minute you or your guns are safe from this guy or that he is too busy to bother with guns. It’s all in the timing and he knows that.

Is the panic buying on black guns slowing down or will the threat continue?

Meanwhile, they will keep probing for weak spots. Micro-stamping on ammo, lead bans and other perceived “cracks” will be exploited in an attempt to push their nose under the tent. They are too smart to open big with something that might fail, so they are continuing to build up their armament and wait until it’s time to strike. Do not let your guard down.

I expect that ammo is going to continue to be hard to find, as well as components. The only primers in the gun store I visited yesterday were 200 shotgun primers. Nothing else was on the shelf. This is going to be a problem for a while as most primer production is being allocated to manufacturing ammo. With two wars going on and several more ramping up, the government is buying a lot of ammo.

Civilian demand continues to be high and as a result components are hard to come by, which is making it tough on competition shooting. I just completed the MGM Iron Man three-gun match in Idaho where I fired about 1,500 rounds in three days. Finding that much ammo and/or components to load them was a problem. For the first time in my life I ran out of ammo during a match and had to beg, buy and borrow enough to finish. Thank God that shooters are a generous group of people.

As I was checking in at the airport on the way home, the guy behind the counter asked me about my guns. He then went on to say that he recently bought several guns and a bunch of ammo. “I am scared to death about where our country is headed,” he told me. “I am also saving food,” he continued, “I never thought I would own guns or hoard food, but I am. I might be the only Hispanic in the country who didn’t vote for Obama and I am scared to death about where he is taking our country.”

I am no economist, but I too am scared. I am smart enough to know that by spending more money in five months than all the previous presidents combined, Obama is heading us for trouble. He can’t keep printing money, it didn’t work for Germany between the World Wars and it hasn’t worked for Zimbabwe where the percent of inflation is now measured in millions. Obama is either incredibly naive about economics or he is out to deliberately wreck our economy. My guess is it is deliberate. Particularly when you look at the timeline.

He used the “crisis” for as long as he could to spend as much money as he could in a hurry. When people started to say, “Wait a minute,” he slowed down and found other ways to spend. Now he is pushing health care way too hard and too fast, which is basically a huge spending bill. This guy is politically smart and he has an agenda. If you look at his America bashing, here and abroad, it’s not hard to conceive that he is out to “change” America into something we will not recognize. He can’t do that if we still have guns.

If you doubt that, if you think I am a right wing whacko, if you think it can’t happen in America, you have not read enough history. Bottom line, stay vigilant, this ain’t over.



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