Move Over Mexico: U.S. Blamed for Canada’s Illegal Gun Trade


Many anti-gun idealists are still trying to perpetuate the myth that guns are bought legally in the U.S. and are then sold to Mexican gangs despite the fact that their “90% of all illegal guns in Mexico come from the U.S.” claim has been thoroughly debunked.

Sensing a chance to snowball the issue, a “study” conducted in Canada claims “that the best available data suggests that about two-thirds of crime guns seized in Canada have their origin south of the border.” Spearheading the study was Wendy Cukier of Ryerson University, a prominent gun control activist, who feels the blame should be extended for all violent crime on the planet.

Canada seldom points to the obvious fact that lax U.S. gun laws not only result in high numbers of Americans being killed with guns, but fuel the illegal gun trade and handgun homicide in Canada, in Mexico, in the Caribbean and indeed around the world.

There are, however, a few problems with that accusation.

First of all, the study itself showed that the majority of rifles and shotguns used in crime actually came from Canadian sources. And even for handguns, they admit that it is very difficult to trace guns originating from countries other than the U.S. Using their logic, if they traced 100 guns and 1 was found to be from Canada, 3 from the United States, and 96 from unknown sources, then the majority of the guns able to be traced came from the U.S. Read more

Source: Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner



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