No One Attacked at Michigan Open Carry Picnic


Kalamazoo, Michigan — A group of gun owners in West Michigan are speaking up for their rights, and they're doing it in a unique way.

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More than 30 people gathered in Bronson Park in Kalamazoo Sunday. They say they want everyone to understand what the Second Amendment means to them.

Open Carry held a group picnic: bring a dish to pass, and don't forget your side-arm. Legal gun owners carried their guns in a legal, visible way. The sight of a gun in the open may draw concern from the general public. Robert Grinage of Kalamazoo says he's gotten a couple of strange looks. “I started open-carrying in March of this year – what my thing is is we have a right and if we don't use it, we're going to end up losing it,” Robert Grinage told FOX 17 News.

Michigan law says you can carry your gun openly; you can't wave it or take it out in a threatening manner. “We are a non-confrontational group so all we are doing is carrying openly instead of carrying concealed and anybody who is legally allowed to purchase a firearm is legally allowed to carry it open,” picnic organizer Josh Tishouse says. Read more and watch the video

Source: wxmi

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