National Park Service Readies Public on New Park Carry Rules


That Congressional mandate at Section 512 of the Act immunizes Americans from the National Park Service's gun carry ban provided that the gun carry does not violate any other state or federal law.

Most states allow both open and concealed carry of loaded firearms in public places, though typically concealed carry requires a state issued license.  Another wrinkle is that some states regulate gun carry inside vehicles more strictly than gun carry on foot, while other states do the reverse.

Several recent news reports note surprise by some observers that the Coburn Amendment permits both concealed and open carry of firearms, including long guns, on National Park property.  However the National Park Service seems to be taking things in stride.

According to National Park Spokesperson Phil Selleck, the Park Service is not going to go through any formal rulemaking process for each park.

Instead said Selleck, the Service is going to work to “educate the public” and park employees on the gun carry rights in each park.  Selleck said that federal law at 18 U.S.C. 930 continues to ban gun carry in “federal facilities,” but advised that the Park Service does not consider unattended structures such as “outhouses” to be federal facilities because “employees are not regularly present there to perform official duties.” Read more

Source: DC Gun Rights Examiner



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