What Do Tuesday’s Elections Mean for Gun Owners?


The Doug Hoffman campaign apparently feared answering specific questions about guns would hurt his chances. What really hurt him was NRA-endorsed Dede Scozzafava betraying the Republicans and endorsing the Democrat.

Some will now portray this as a loss, because a Republican previously held that seat, and Scozzafava was nominally in the gun rights camp. But her actions in the final days of the campaign show she was no more to be trusted than, say Kirsten Gillibrand.

As for California's 10th Congressional District race, where John Garamendi won, Gun Owners of America gave David Harmer an “A” rating.  Still, this wasn't so much a defeat for gun owners as the result of two-to-one Democrat over Republican demographics.

Let's take a look at victorious NRA-endorsed governor-elect Bob McDonnell in Virginia:

A reader and blogger sent McDonnell and R. Creigh Deeds the Gun Rights Political Questionnaire and they both ignored it. McDonnell also refused to sign the Virginia Gun Owners Coalition Pro-Gun Pledge.

McDonnell supported a gun-banner to replace him as AG.

McDonnell claims to now be against one-gun-a-month laws, but when it was up for enactment, he voted for it.

And then we have the New Jersey gubernatorial race, where Chris Christie ousted anti-gun Jon Corzine.

I wouldn't dance too hard, especially after reading Christie's old campaign mailer calling for a ban on semiautomatic firearms, deceptively portrayed as “automatic”. But that didn't stop the Fudds from telling us they've done their “homework,” and portraying him as the sportsman's pal. Just in case you thought either Anthony P. Mauro, Sr., or the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance have any relevance whatsoever to freedom…Read more

Source: Gun Rights Examiner


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