Open Carry Making Headway


This is the same municipal league who fought hard against the concealed carry law, so naturally I thought the worst. I just assumed they'd found a new strategy for arresting open carriers. (The old strategy wasn't working because sometimes when a misguided LEO arrests someone here a lawsuit against the municipality is filed.)

I called Brian Jeffs, President of Michigan Open Carry, and gave him a heads up thinking that he might want to attend the meeting. He did attend and afterward sent me the following email:

“Boy did you get it wrong.  The talk wasn't about how to arrest OCers, just the opposite.  It was about how you can't arrest them without facing a law suit.”

Okay, so I got it wrong. Would you believe that was the first time? Actually, this was one instance where I was thrilled to be wrong. Five years ago I was rabidly anti-Open Carry, but I've done a full about face since then and now support it to the max.

Aside from being a basic human right, I believe it's a very important tool in the PR struggle to regain the hearts and minds of the public. There's nothing like a sunny picnic with kids playing on the swings, the smell of burgers on the grill, good talk with friends and family, and a gun strapped to every hip. Read more

Source: Grand Rapids Gun Rights Examiner


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