Wisconsin City Defeats Anti-Open Carry Proposal


“It's legal in Green Bay to carry a holstered gun in the open, as long as you're not in a school zone or other public building or in a place where alcohol is bought or consumed,” the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported. “The issue came to the forefront after a gathering of armed people held a picnic in celebration of the right to bear arms last month at Ted Fritsch Park.” That picnic led to complaints to the city council, by some people who were uncomfortable with open carry and felt their safety was compromised.

Jeff Stordock, of Allouez, argued against the proposal as an attempt to take away Second Amendment rights.

“Little by little, piece by piece, we're losing these rights under the guise of public safety,” Stordock told the council prior to its vote. “This is a blatant attack on our rights.”

After the vote was taken, Stordock added, “It's about time people show up and speak their minds, because if nobody stands up, pretty soon we're going to lose everything.” Read More.

Source: GB Press-Gazette

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