Gun Digest the Magazine Gets Major Upgrade

Gun Digest the Magazine Gets Major Upgrade

Sneak peek at GDtM's classy new format.

The January 28, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine features the publication’s new, glossy high-quality format. Included are a gun review of the FNH FNX-45 handgun, 7 new shotguns for 2013, Glock vs. the 1911, Ultimate Survival Rifles and beefed up gun columns and coverage.

“In 2013, you will find Gun Digest the Magazine with a new look: glossier paper, a better binding and a nicer overall feel as you turn every page,” said James Card, Managing Editor. “The only thing that hasn't changed is great writing on guns that serves all firearms enthusiasts and the best gun classified listings in print.”

Gun Digest the Magazine upgraded, but seeks reader input for more improvements, says editor.

“This is going to be an exciting year for Gun Digest The Magazine. We've improved the look and feel of the magazine; have redesigned it to better cover a broader array of firearms coverage, both new and collectible; and will also deliver even more shooting and gun care tips and advice, along with an increased number of gear reviews to help shooters—both new and old—improve their skills and make the best choices when making purchases at the gun shop.”

“We hope to bring a whole new attitude to the pages of GDTM with expanded gun and gear coverage, more quality writers and a more attractive, easy-to-read design for the readers. Whether you compete, hunt or just love to plink targets, shooting is one of the most fun and exciting activities a person can engage in and we hope the new GDTM reflects this in every page.”

– Doug Howlett, Editor-in-Chief

The new Gun Digest the Magazine format ramps up gun reviews and editorial coverage with high-quality color photography.

Gun Digest the Magazine is the source for firearms news, pricing and guns for sale. With a subscription to Gun Digest the Magazine, readers benefit from in-depth editorial expert advice, show reviews, how-to instructions and Second Amendment issues.

Gun Digest the Magazine, January 28, 2013Inside This Issue

  • Gun Review: FNH FNX-45
  • 7 New Shotguns for 2013
  • Glock vs. 1911
  • Ultimate Survival Rifles
  • Gun classifieds and more

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