Gallery: Browning’s New Buck Mark Pistols for 2017


Buck Mark Plus Stainless UDX

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This plinker has steely good looks and is set up to preform. The stainless-steel frame and slabside barrel are accented with black wood laminate Ultragrip Delux grips, machined with finger grooves to ensure a solid and intuitive purchase on the pistol. The blowback .22 LR comes with a 1913 Picatinny rail, for the quick addition of an optic. But with a fully adjustable Pro-Target rear sight and TruGlo/Marble Arms fiber-optic front sight, this handgun is ready to get on target out of the box. The MSRP of the Stainless UDX is $599.99

There’s nothing quite like a precision plinker pistol and a load of .22 LR rounds. Back in the 1980s, Browning captured a good share of this market with the introduction of its Buck Mark pistol. The 10-round semi-automatic, blowback handgun had a way of finding the mark again and again, making it ideal for rimfire target competitions, weekend shooting fun and sending varmints to the great beyond. Browning has continued to build the Buck Mark line over the years, producing a plinker for any occasion. And 2017 is no different, with the Utah-based gun company rattling off eight new models of what many consider rimfire pistol perfection. Here’s a look at the new Buck Marks heading your way.

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