FFLGunTrader.com Creates Licensed Gun Dealer Marketplace


FFL GunTrader.comFFLGunTrader.com has created a brand new marketplace to help federal firearm licensed (FFL) gun Distributors and dealers to buy and sell firearms and accessories online. Because the deals are completed among licensed and verified dealers, the transactions are easier to complete and require only the swapping of licenses.

“We wanted to create an online marketplace for licensed distributors and dealers that allows them to buy and sell firearms and accessories from all over the country,” said Scott Chatman with FFLGunTrader.com.

Buyers don’t have to pay for purchasing an item on FFLGunTrader.com. Sellers pay a very small three percent transaction fee from the sales price to list the item on the marketplace to a national audience.“It is a great deal for dealers looking to move excess inventory,” Chatman said. “Plus dealers have the peace of mind knowing that each buyer had to submit to a license check to complete the transaction.”

For more information about FFLGunTrader, please check out their online marketplace at www.fflguntrader.com.


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