Codrea to Lapierre: NRA Candidates Should Do More on Gunwalker Scandal


There are politicians on both sides of the aisle, in the House and in the Senate, who enjoy the benefits of NRA endorsements and financial support.

Why isn’t every single office-holding recipient of NRA generosity on record demanding full and open investigations into how the Gunwalker scandal came to be, who authorized it, what damage has been done, what dangers still exist, and who is behind the evident cover-up?

What reason do any of these beneficiaries of gun owner trust and benevolence have for not being vocal and tireless leaders in demanding something they owe us anyway — the truth?

And importantly, what reason could NRA possibly have for not making such leadership — that’s what we elect these people for, is it not? To be leaders? — one of the most important criteria by which they will be judged when it comes time for future political grades, and eligibility for continued endorsements and financial backing? Read More

Source: David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner

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