California: Concealed Carry For Politicians, But Not For The People

California:  Concealed Carry For Politicians, But Not For The People

California politicans want to carry guns and ban them for everybody else.A California State Senate Committee has been considering a proposal to give a concealed carry permit to, “any applicant who is a member of Congress, a statewide elected official or a Member of the Legislature.”

These elected officials could carry a gun, “for purposes of protection or self-defense.”

As an editorial in the Washington Times noted, “The measure highlights the growing rift between the bureaucratic class and taxpayers who don’t have the luxury of exempting themselves from bad laws.”

The Times added that, “Ordinary Californians who want a concealed carry permit need to apply to the local sheriff. In practice — outside of conservative, rural counties — only celebrities and the well-connected end up obtaining the coveted document. In a state of nearly 37 million, about 40,000 permits were issued in 2007.”

The proposal was made by, “a pair of pro-gun state Senate Democrats…” In a state with such restrictive gun laws, including a ban on high-capacity magazines and so-called “assault weapons,” you might think any law which seems pro-Second Amendment should be supported by gun owners.

However, “Exempting politicians [from unfair concealed carry laws] may be the exception,” the Times argued. “Coddled lawmakers living in gated communities may think they face heightened risk, but it’s unlikely poor residents in sketchy urban neighborhoods have any less of a need.”

Source: Washington Times

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