BREAKING: Documents Link Asst. AG to ‘Gunrunner’

Assistant Attorney General Lenny Breuer: Linked to ATF Gunrunner Scandal?
Assistant Attorney General Lenny Breuer: Linked to ATF Gunrunner Scandal?

CBS News is reporting that documents obtained by Congressional investigators looking into the Project Gunrunner scandal include a wiretap authorization from Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer dated in March 2010.

Read the CBS story by investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson here.

Also included in documents released by investigators is a January 8, 2010 “briefing paper” on Project Gunrunner from the Phoenix, AZ field division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The documents were released earlier today as the Senate Judiciary Committee convened for an oversight hearing on the Department of Justice.

One document indicates a Holder Asst. Attorney General, Lanny Breuer, authorized a wiretap in the controversial gun trafficking case headquartered in Phoenix. In that case, called “Fast and Furious,” multiple sources say ATF allowed thousands of guns to hit the streets, destined for Mexican drug cartels.—CBS News Read more

Source: Seattle Gun Rights Examiner

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