Boberg XR45-S Offers Even More Bang For Buck

Boberg XR45-S Offers Even More Bang For Buck

Boberg XR45-S.

Innovative pistol maker Boberg Arms rolled out a .45 ACP version of their powerful concealed carry pistol at SHOT Show 2014.

Minnesota-based Boberg Arms last year made big news with their XR-9 reverse-feed technology pistol that promised more firepower in a smaller package.

Now, the company has a .45 ACP version. The new pistol was unveiled at the 2014 Shot Show.

“Everything we’ve learned about the XR9 series of pistols has been rolled into the new XR45-STM representing what is truly the world’s most powerful pocket pistol,” said Arne Boberg, president of the company.

The XR45-STM has an overall length of 5.75 inches and an astonishingly long 3.75 rotating locked-breech barrel. The gun’s width is a scant 1.080 inches and its 6+1 capacity of .45 ACP +P is indeed impressive given its diminutive size.

Boberg Reverse-Feed

Boberg handguns function by placing the rounds in backwards to the magazine (they face forward) and they are extracted with the gun’s “tongs.”

The design allows the ejection port to be located further rearward, concealing a longer barrel while keeping gun length shorter. It’s efficient if nothing else, and has garnered a loyal following.

Good quality well-crimped ammo is a must as bullet separation can occur with cheap ammo. Other than that, shooters say the design is very tame on recoil—and accuracy quite excellent thanks to a “gain twist” rifled barrel, which is said to increase velocity and reduce felt torque.

MSRP is listed at $1199. The guns are Made in the USA.

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Want to learn more about this unique pistol? Check out our Boberg XR9-S Review.


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  1. It is certainly innovative, and the technology sounds good… but I was afraid Chiappa started the “Ugliest Gun Made” contest with their Rhino, and now they have some real competition! This Boberg is almost as ugly as the old Dardick 1500, and just as ugly as their Boberg 9mm. What’s difficult to believe is that there’s enough of a market to make producing these high-end mutants profitable.

    • All that ugly still fits out of sight in your front pocket. With the ability to handle .45acp+P and .45 Super ammo with less recoil than the much heavier and larger Browning 1911. The Bullpup design places the grip right at the balance point of the gun. In fact you can stand the XR45-S up on the magazine base plate and it won’t fall over. With all the design “innovations” it should be a pleasure to shoot an accurate, powerful .45 caliber pocket pistol.

  2. Outstanding review, both pro and con, regarding the practicality of this new gun. The only question I didn’t see answered: How is the reset on the trigger after the shot? Tactile? Audible? Close to the sear release point?
    Thanks for a great review.


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