Bloomberg Gun Control Costs City Big Money


Mayor Bloomberg's expensive anti-gun crusade.As the New York Daily News reported, “Bills obtained by the Daily News show the city Law Department has paid almost $1.5 million to Kroll Associates, a high-end detective firm, for its undercover probe of out-of-state gun sales.

The mayor announced the results of that investigation with a big splash in October, playing secretly recorded videos of dealers improperly selling guns at gun shows.”

That “big splash” was pricy. The Daily News noted that, “The investigators and their bosses billed the city between $225 and $325 an hour each, some of them for more than 100 hours per month.

As they traveled to gun shows in Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee, they spent tens of thousands of dollars on airfare, hotels, meals and other travel expenses. They also billed the city for tens of thousands of dollars for background checks, research costs, cash payments for guns, and equipment – including $58,100 for recording gear.”

A Bloomberg spokesperson insisted that city residents “got their money’s worth.” But what’s the total price tag?

Bloomberg, for example, also initiated legal actions against many gun shops across the nation. NewYorkers have yet to see the bill for those.



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