ATF Whistleblower Bombshell: Gunwalker All About ‘Gun Control’

ATF whistleblower says ATF Director Kenneth Melson 'horribly irresponsible.'
ATF whistleblower says ATF Director Kenneth Melson 'horribly irresponsible.'

One of the original whistleblowers on Operation Fast and Furious — which allowed thousands of guns to cross the border into Mexico — said Acting Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Ken Melson’s testimony before congressional investigators on July 4 was nothing but “smoke and mirrors.” ATF Special Agent Vince Cefalu continued:

At this point he’s doing what anyone would do, he’s saving his own ass.

According to a release from Issa’s office, Melson secretly talked to House and Senate investigators with his personal attorney present — former United States Attorney Richard Cullen — and did so without the knowledge of the ATF or the Department of Justice.

Cefalu said the operation was never about actually arresting cartel members for arms trafficking, it was about headlines for the ATF and its upper echelons, more budget, more gun control, and more media attention for ATF:

There’s no Mister Big in Mexico, there’s no … Iron Pipeline. It doesn’t exist.

When everybody is screaming terrorism and counterterrorism no one wants to talk to anyone but the FBI. If there’s gunrunning on the border and thousands of guns flowing into Mexico it’s more headlines for ATF.

It’s fame and glory and grabbing headlines. Read more


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  1. TREASON, in a word. Deliberate attempt to undermine the US Constitution and the US Government.

    “Cefalu said the operation was never about actually arresting cartel members for arms trafficking, ”

    They obviously already knew who they were, or they couldn’t have targeted them as in this incident. It wouldnt have been worth the risk to arm the occasional Mexican Border Jumper…

    Two observations:

    1.) Guns are so bad? Then disarm the “Police” (generically speaking). But the same Government that opposes CRKBA wont hear of that. Proving again whose behind this and why.

    2.) Since/if this came after Heller, then the presumption is that the attempt to disarm individual Citizens in light of Heller is pretty much dead, so they have little else to go on but a sneak attack by OMarxist to use the unConstitutional Administration (there is no authorisation in the U.S. Constitution for ATF to exist, or be created from thin air) to eliminate dealers, and Im told by a dealer-friend that’s been in the works for years.

    There need to be trials and PRISON TIME for these perps.

  2. Did they really think they were fooling anyone? This is a Hillary Clinton hatched idea. We’ve, or at least I have suspected this from the very beginning. Your President has no guts and this is his way of making a stand on something.


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