ATF Stonewall: “Your request is granted in part.”

“Your request is granted in part.” Photo: ATF Disclosure Division
“Your request is granted in part.” Photo: ATF Disclosure Division

“This is in reference to your Freedom of Information Act request for access to information maintained by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,” the response letter from Marilyn R. LaBrie, Team Leader, Disclosure Division begins.

The purpose of the request was to determine information provided to Sen. Chuck Grassley in a briefing he’d requested concerning “Project Gunwalker” allegations.

“Your request is granted in part,” LaBrie continues. “We are releasing the disclosable portions of the documents and withholding portions for the reasons shown on the cover sheet that accompanies the documents.”

“In part” is an understatement, but hardly unexpected, as this correspondent predicted:

And no, I don’t expect anything earth-shaking, but I do expect anything I get will be telling in terms of what it doesn’t say.

What it doesn’t say is anything at all having to do with the primary request for “all documents, to include agendas, presentations and handouts containing information” related to the briefing itself.  None were included in the response, nor was any acknowledgment even made that these were omitted.

Nor was there any apparent attempt to comply with the secondary request for “any memorandum, report, summary or other communication that describes what happened at the meeting, including a description of any oral briefing and what was said by both sides, and…copies of any such documents filed or stored, or designated for filing and storage, at the Office of Public and Government Affairs.” Read more

Source: Gun Rights Examiner

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