Intruder Shot While Kicking in Bedroom Door


Gun Digest: A homeowner shoots an intruder who is kicking down his bedroom door.“It’s a weird feeling,” Jorge Guzman said as he walked through his bullet-riddled home on Lima Drive.  “I don’t care who it is or who they think they are, when you’re in that position, it’s totally different.”

The break-in occurred in the early morning hours last Monday. Only Guzman and his uncle were home at the time.

The chilling encounter was captured in a call to 911.

“Please, they’re breaking the windows,” Guzman told a dispatcher.

Guzman, who had barricaded himself in a back bedroom with a handgun, described the scene as it unfolded to dispatchers.

Listen to the 911 call when a homeowner uses a handgun to defend himself against an intruder.
Listen to the 911 call when a homeowner uses a handgun to defend himself against an intruder. Click Here

“I hear somebody in the house. They’re trying to open the door. Hurry! Please hurry,” he said.

The dispatcher continued to reassure Guzman that sheriff’s deputies were on the way.  At one point, Guzman was instructed to lay down his weapon.

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“Go and put your gun down because if you hear anything, it’s going to be the deputies,” the 911 dispatcher insisted.

Then, moments later, the sound of gunfire was caught on tape.

Guzman told 11 News he fired the shots because the intruder was trying to kick down the door to his bedroom.

“As soon as he put his foot there, that’s when I shot, because he had a big tattoo on his face and when the lady was telling me that’s the sheriff’s department, when he came into that door I said that’s not the sheriff’s department,” Guzman said. Read more





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