Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Pitbull


Albert Gosiak (pronounced like go-shack) said he walked out of his East Vancouver house just for a minute Saturday morning. That's when he met two pit bulls in his walkway.

Gosiak said the dogs were aggressive and he was trapped. He said he acted in self defense when he shot one of the pit bulls.

“It was just a snap judgment,” Gosiak said. “What do I do, fumble around? They were right there … I gotta do something now, so I pulled out my gun and shot them.”

A Clark County Animal Control officer was able to capture the other pit bull. That pit bull, a female, is now at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington.

Employees there tell KATU News that they believe they have found the dogs' owners. No word as to how the dogs got out, or whether the owners will face such dog-related charges as “running at large” or “vicious behavior.” Read more



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