Burglar Fatally Shot Entering Closed Business


JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Law officers are investigating the latest fatal shooting in the capital city.

Shortly before five J.P.D. officers responded to Gipson Discount Foods on 1434 Highway 80 West near Terry Road.

There, they found a man dead from a gunshot wound to the chest at the rear of the grocery store.

J.P.D. Assistant Chief Lee Vance says the unidentified man was breaking in when an employee who lives in the building heard the noises.

According to investigators, the thief was armed with a large caliber hand gun and a knife.

The employee opened fire with a shotgun.

“We do know that this appears to be a justified shooting. This individual was in the process of breaking into this building. He was an armed suspect, and he was shot while he was trying to break into the building,” said Vance. Read more

Source: wlbt.com


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