West Fargo Home Owner Shoots at Intruder


Burglars in West Fargo are taking their crime to another level, little fear as they break into homes while people are inside, sleeping.

“This could have been very tragic.”

In this latest break in, this usually quiet neighborhood was disrupted by the sounds of gun fire early this morning. Around 1:30, West Fargo Police say a husband and wife woke up to a man in his early 20's in their house. Police say the man was in between the parents and their 2 year old daughter's room. The husband yelled for his wife to call 911. He then got a handgun and shot at the man. Police are still looking for the brave intruder.

“This is your castle and somebody's stepped inside that mote. And they’re attacking your castle; you don't know what they're attacking it with.”

Although authorities don't believe the suspect was shot, they did alert local hospitals and clinics right away to watch for anyone who came in with a gunshot wound.

“The police department works best when you have a community that cares.” Read more

Source: wday.com


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