Armed Man Tells Minneapolis Police: I Shot Robber


Suspect was chased after robbery near Minneapolis grocery; police investigating.

An apparent good Samaritan told police that he interrupted a violent armed robbery near a south Minneapolis grocery store, chased down the suspect and fatally shot him Thursday night.

Although an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting continues, the shooter, who police say has a legal permit to carry a firearm, was released Friday after being detained for questioning, Sgt. William Palmer said Friday.

On Friday night, authorities identified the dead man as Darren Evanovich, 23, of Minneapolis. The shooter's name has not yet been released.

Given that a death is involved, Palmer said he expects that a grand jury will review the circumstances and rule on whether a crime may have been committed. Read more


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  1. If more citizens shot more perps, there would be less crime perhaps?  Definitely worth a chance to see if has an effect on statistics.


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