North Syracuse Man Kills 2 in Apparent Act of Self-Defense


A North Syracuse resident shot and killed two Syracuse men after they kicked in the front door to his home and entered early Saturday morning in what police are calling an apparent home invasion.

Dead are Thomas R. Lashomb, 23, of South Midler Avenue, and Wade A. Brown, 26, of West Matson Avenue, Officer Jeffrey Tripp, of the North Syracuse police, said.

Jeffrey J. Bush, 22, shot both men with a pistol-grip shotgun as Bush and others struggled with Lashomb and Brown inside the house at 115 Elm St., Tripp said. During the struggle, Bush’s 2-year-old son slept in another room.

The two men targeted the Elm Street house, Tripp said.

“This isn’t a random act.” Tripp said. “They were at this house for a reason, we just don’t know why yet.”

Here’s the account police gave of the incident:

A resident of 115 Elm St. called 911 around 1:03 a.m. and said two men kicked in his front door and attacked him. One of the intruders, later identified as Lashomb, was reportedly wearing a ski mask.

Bush and three friends were in the living room playing video games on the Playstation when the intruders broke in, Tripp said.

Bush said he was attacked by Lashomb and Brown and they began to fight. One of Bush’s friends jumped in to help him.

Bush fought with Lashomb and subsequently shot and killed him. Brown was also shot by Bush and died while being taken to a hospital. Neither man made a statement before they died, Tripp said.

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