Anti-gun laws coming after Tucson Shooting


Carolyn McCarthy had this bill written and sitting on her desk waiting for the “suitable” tragedy that might help get it passed. Now, some idiot gave her the opportunity.


McCarthy wants to ban the manufacture and transfer of ALL magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. No grandfather clause, no cut off date… ban all of them. I'm thinking that could lead to outlawing possession as well and that means confiscation. And if they can confiscate magazines, all it takes is one more tragic event for them to push the next law through.


Write to your congressional representative today and voice your displeasure.  Obama is no longer too busy with other problems to ignore gun control.


  1. Hey, I have a great idea – let’s ban high capacity fuel tanks to end our dependence on foreign oil!nnLet’s put a ban on high-capacity food items to end our chances of gaining weight!!nnLet’s put a ban on 12 ounce beer and 1 gallon whiskey and end the changes of people having DUI’s!!!nnWow, using that logic, we can solve a BUNCH of problems… Brilliant…nnThanks for the warning message Kevin – we need to get out and make sure we’re heard on this this one!!!


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