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Kevin Michalowski, Editor of Gun Digest the Magazine

Think about this for a minute. The majority of these United States have shall-issue CCW laws that allow honest, law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from violent attacks.

Yet Chicago continuously ranks very high in the number of murders per 100,000 residents. In fact the cities with the highest murder rates have the strictest gun control laws. For crying out loud, there was talk about calling in the National Guard to help control the streets of Chicago because the police couldn’t handle it.

Chicago’s famously anti-gun mayor Richard Daley has said only police officer should have guns. I guess he believes only the police can be trusted.

There was an uneasy silence cast upon that rhetoric when the video of one of Chicago’s “finest” beating the crap out of a female bartender surfaced.

That video should be all the proof you need to remind you that when people in power have no checks on their authority bad things happen to the general public.

It can happen in the United States if we let it. It, of course being a totalitarian government run amok with power among an unarmed populace.
Now before you all sit down to your keyboards and tell me how I’m preaching to the choir, there is reason for this column.

Gun Digest the Magazine, June 21, 2010. Click Here
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The Supreme Court of the United States is about to hand down a decision concerning Chicago’s Draconian gun laws. And it is my guess that Chicago’s famously anti-gun mayor Richard Daley will at first rail about the injustice of it all, ignore the ruling and then work to obstruct implementation of any changes.

This is what people with unchecked authority do.

Gun owners need to check his authority. He needs to know what people really think. Yes, he only serves one city and he will argue that only the opinions of city residents matter to him, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t hear about how well the pro-gun movement is going in the rest of the country.

None of the dire predictions associated with easing gun laws has ever come true. It has been 30 years since the first CCW laws were passed and the only places blood is flowing in the streets are those cities that refuse to allow people to defend themselves.

The Illinois State Rifle Association is doing a great job keeping the pressure on Daley and his cronies, but they can always use some help. Invest the 44 cents and the 20 minutes it takes to write a letter to the misguided Mr. Mayor and let him know that he is wrong and we are right. Good people with guns do good things. Here is his address:

Mayor Richard Delay
121 N. LaSalle Street
City Hall Room 507
Chicago, IL 60602

Chicago is just another brick in the wall that is gun control. We need to work together to knock out those bricks one at a time until we eventually bring down the wall. Write a letter. Join a march. Let people know we will not give up our rights.

Good Shooting,

Kevin Michalowski


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