10 Concealed Carry Articles by Massad Ayoob You MUST Read

10 Concealed Carry Articles by Massad Ayoob You MUST Read

Massad Ayoob

If you practice concealed carry, put these 10 essential articles by Massad Ayoob on your ‘Must Read' list!

1. Video: Massad Ayoob on Handgun Concealment Considerations

There are many facets to concealed carry, chief among them is exactly how you conceal a handgun. Check out what Mas has to say about keeping a handgun under wraps until it's needed. Watch the video

2.  Video: Massad Ayoob on ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

In this video from the Cato Institute, Mas draws on his decades of experience to critically examine so-called “Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Doctrine” laws. Watch it now

3.  Massad Ayoob: The Dangers of Over-Penetrating Bullets

One critical rule of firearms safety is that the bullet must stay in its intended backstop. No responsible shooter would go to one of the older indoor shooting ranges that have a warning poster saying “LEAD BULLETS ONLY, JACKETED BULLETS CAN PIERCE BACKSTOP” and then proceed to pump hard-jacketed bullets into that frail backing. Click here

4. Five Lost Secrets of Combat Handgunnery

Mas gives you five key secrets essential for proper handgun control when faced with a violent attacker. Power stance, high hand, crush grip and front sight, smooth roll. Recover these lost secrets and watch your combat handgun skill increase. Get these tips

5.  Is Hollowpoint the Best Defensive Ammo for Concealed Carry?

Sterile lab testing in ballistic gelatin is great, but the ultimate laboratory is the street. Here are the loads that seem to be doing best there, input written in blood from gunfights police departments have experienced with defensive ammunition. Click here

6.  Hybrid Holsters for Concealed Carry

When it comes to holster material, combining leather with polymer gives the armed citizen the best of both worlds. No wonder hybrid holsters for concealed carry are so popular. Learn more

7.  Maximizing Semi-Auto Handgun Performance

There are reasons why autoloaders are more popular than revolvers today. However, many fail to maximize semi-auto handgun performance by overlooking firepower and shootability. Learn the solution

8.  Why Carry a Gun? 7 Objections Destroyed

The question is constantly asked: Why do you want to carry a gun? Here are Massad Ayoob's 7 proven answers vindicating concealed carry. Load up on intellectual ammunition

9.  How to Conceal Spare Ammo

There are lots of ways to carry extra ammunition in a discreet manner. Mas explains how

10.  Concealed Carry: Should You Carry a Back-Up Gun?

The backup gun is a second handgun, normally carried concealed, used as a supplement to a primary handgun that may be carried openly or concealed, depending on the circumstances. Click  here



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