YHM Introduces New Turbo 5.56 Suppressor


YHM- Turbo 5.56 Suppressor - mainThe market for suppressors has been growing quite a bit in the past few years, especially with recent changes in legislation in many states to allow civilians to own suppressors, and in some cases, hunt with them. Manufacturers have begun offering a wide variety of options ranging from more affordable rimfire suppressors up to highly expensive big-bore cans.

Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) has announced a new 5.56 NATO suppressor built to be lightweight, quiet and durable, while remaining relatively affordable. Dubbed the Turbo, this new can is priced at a reasonable $489 and is intended to offer high-quality features at a price point that's attractive to first-time buyers that may have been holding off on buying a suppressor due to the cost.

YHM Turbo 5.56 suppressorThe new YHM Turbo 5.56 suppressor features a tubeless design with heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel and a heat-treated 718 Inconel blast baffle. Because of these design materials, the Turbo 5.56 can is rated for full-auto fire and can handle repeated abuse.

With a length of 6.5 inches, a diameter of 1.5625 inches and a weight of just 13.5 ounces, the new Turbo 5.56 suppressor is relatively low profile and doesn't excessively weigh down the muzzle. And this new can is lightweight without sacrificing sound reduction. It has an average sound pressure level of 134 dB on a 14.5-inch AR shooting 55-grain projectiles, placing it within the hearing safe range of 140 dB or less.

The new Turbo is built according to YHM's rigid quality standards to ensure it is a well-built, high-performance suppressor. It also ships with an included QD (quick-detach) brake for fast attachment and removal.

For more information on the new YHM Turbo 5.56 suppressor, visit the YHM website.

YHM Turbo 5.56 Suppressor - book of suppressors

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