Video: Examining Colt’s New Combat Unit Carbine



Colt has a long and illustrious history with the AR-15, so it comes as no surprise the company continues to cultivate and improve the popular rifle. One of the Connecticut manufacturer’s newest twists on the more than half-a-century-old design is the Colt Combat Unit Carbine. Developed in conjunction with renowned firearms trainers Mike Pannone, Ken Hackathorn and Daryl Holland, the carbine features a number of refinements that should make it more controllable, accurate and dependable. Holland goes over these new aspects in the video above, including the most dramatic upgrade to the platform — Colt’s new mid-length gas system. Moving the gas port closer to the muzzle should make for a better balanced rifle that’s quicker on target transitions, as well as one that produces less recoil. Check out the video to get the entire skinny on the Colt Combat Unit Carbine (MSRP $1,299).

Gunsmithing the AR-15

Customize Your AR-15

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