The eyes have it.


Couple years back I went with the LASIK surgery to rid myself of eyeglasses I'd worn since age 10. What prompted me was a pretty good go-around with a young ne'er-do-well who just simply insisted he didn't want to see the back seat of a police car. We'll my partner and I are kinda funny about things like that. When we invite someone to have seat in our car, we really REALLY expect them to accept our hospitality.The end result was that somewhere along the lines I lost my glasses and was feeling like I was at a real disadvantage. Thank goodness for the ECQB drills and my tag-team partner. As I heard the reassuring ratcheting sound of the partner's handcuffs I found myself thinking… I need to see without glasses. The next morning I made the call to the eye doctor and talked about what I wanted for my eyesight. I was a great candidate and when all was said and done, my vision was perfect for shooting and distance viewing. I might need reading glasses someday… but that can wait.The long and short of this is LASIK works for most healthy young shooters. It also opens up a whole new world if eyewear. Nowadays, I can pick and choose from the best, most protective sunglasses on the market. I still wear glasses every day, but now they are for protection, not vision. If you need corrective lenses, consider the surgery. It works. If your eyes are fine, look for good sunglasses and keep your eyes safe and protected. You can't hit what you can't see.

Just another day at the office. Good glasses are just as much a part of the uniform as a dependable pistol.


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