Gun Review: Kimber Solo Carry

Gun Review: Kimber Solo Carry
The Kimber Solo Carry
Kimber Solo Carry
The Kimber Solo Carry

Weighing just 17 ounces and with a barrel length of only 2.7 inches, the new Kimber Solo Carry puts the power of a 9mm cartridge in a micro-compact size usually reserved for smaller calibers. This pistol is easy to carry and conceal.

A manual ambidextrous thumb safety, checkered slide release and ambidextrous magazine release button promote safe and intuitive operation. The smooth single-action striker-fired trigger sets a new standard for small pistols. The slides and barrels are cut from stainless steel, making Solo pistols built to last. Their frames are machined from the finest aluminum and wear KimPro® II, a premium finish that is self-lubricating and resistant to salt and moisture. No other small pistol can begin to compare.

The Solo trigger is a single action striker-fired design with an even and smooth pull that breaks clean at 7 pounds.  Frame and slide edges are rounded and blended so they do not snag on clothing or holsters.  Slide serrations are deep for a secure grip and the magazine well is beveled for quick and positive loading.  Solo sights are steel and securely mounted in dovetails machined into the slide for additional durability.

The Kimber legacy of offering the finest production firearms available continues with the new Solo Carry. What sets the Solo apart is quality, dependability and 1911 ergonomics that ensure comfortable shooting regardless of hand size. In every respect, Solo pistols are in a class by themselves.

Solo pistols establish a new, higher standard of small pistol dependability and performance.  Their suggested retail price is just $747. 


Caliber – 9mm
Height (90° to barrel) – 3.9 inches
Weight (with empty magazine) – 17 ounces
Length – 5.5 inches
Magazine capacity – 6 rounds
Extended magazine capacity (optional) – 8 rounds
Barrel Length – 2.7 inches
Twist rate (left hand) – 1:10
MSRP – $747


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  1. When I first about the Solo it sounded like another addition to my collection. The hunt was on to find one. Seems I read my first review of the Solo, around the same time I found one at an local gun shop. It is a nice looking and finished piece (I’d prefer all black) but it just didn’t say buy me. Part of me says it was the fact that Kimber suggests using only specific ammunition. I want to use whatever ammo I desire. I have a small Kahr K9 and an even smaller Kahr MK40 (smaller than the Solo) and I can shoot any ammo I want out of either one. The MK is all stainless steel and weighs about 6 ounces more, but it’s .25″ narrower, shorter by .15″ and only .1 taller. More powerful and can also be had with an extended magazine, otherwise it is 6 rounds too. If you want lightweight, get a PM40 or PM9 Kahr. This is the competition in my opinion and they are still the ones to beat. Might not be as rounded off, but I personally like the way the Kahrs feel and shoot. Sig Sauer makes some nice feeling and looking small 380’s, and a new small 9; but my experience with their P232 has kept me from wanting to buy another of their weapons. Small powerful carry gun, Kahr.


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