First Look: SIG’s New P320 RX Pistol

First Look: SIG’s New P320 RX Pistol

SIG pairs its excellent Romeo 1 reflex sight with its dependable P320 in the company's brand new P320 RX pistol.

For a long time now, SIG Sauer has been known for producing quality, reliable, effective semi-auto pistols, some of which have seen extensive service use among military forces. Lately, the company has been expanding into other avenues of the firearm industry, branching out into ammunition, suppressors, airguns and optics.

SIG-P320-RX-1One of the advantages of this – aside from the fact that SIG is bringing its quality manufacturing standards to other industry products – is that SIG can now more effectively integrate the new accessories it's producing with its classic firearms designs. An excellent example that is new for 2016 is the SIG P320 RX, which mates the manufacturer's impressive P320 pistol with the company's equally impressive Romeo 1 reflex sight.

The compact, lightweight and durable Romeo 1 is a miniature, open reflex sight that's perfect for close engagements. On the P320 RX, the Romeo 1 comes already dovetailed into the slide, and the sights on the pistol are tall night sights to allow for co-witnessing with the red dot.

Gun Digest recently caught up with Tim Butler, a SIG Sauer product manager, during the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits to get a firsthand look at the new SIG P320 RX. Watch the video above to learn more about this great new offering from SIG Sauer.


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