A Toast! To the CRKT Flux System


At SHOT Show 2010 we sat down with Rod Bremer, President of CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool). Naturally Rod wanted to show us all his new blades, but he really got our attention when he whipped out the company's new “Flux” tool.

The Flux is a carabiner tool, which allows you to pick and click components that you add to a dual chassis, depending upon your anticipated needs. This little device would have put MacGyver out of business, because there's virtually nothing it can't do.

Included in the system are a knife, screw and hex driver set, a wine tool – one never knows when a romantic opportunity might arise for the tactician – L.E.D. light, and even a flash drive (which comes in a GoNerd pack, of all things). The Flux system comes from the company's I.D. Works (Inspired Design) division.

The entire system is organized into a very slick and handy little pack.

I can imagine many uses for this system. It would be nice to have one in your backpack for any backcountry operations, in your vehicle, on your mountain bike, and also one tethered to your canoe's crossbars. Every gun room should have one.

One final note: This would make a great gift. Unlike some of the chinsey junk you'll find in the major retailers, the CRKT Flux System is very high quality. It is solid, and has good weight to it. It will inspire confidence to cut, fix, tighten, illuminate … or break open a bottle of Chardoney should the need present itself. Cheers, to the CRKT Flux!

Check it out: https://www.crkt.com/idworksflux

And then get one. It's tactical gear you'll find yourself using.

The CRKT Flux System carrying case is compact and handy.

One of the techie components: A flash drive, sealed in the “GoNerd” packaging.

The blade in the system is 2.25 inches with an overall length of 5.5 inches. And it is a good quality blade.

The little Flux L.E.D. light is surprisingly bright.

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