Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1998


The Gun Digest – 1998

 Table of Contents
Winchester's Anonymous Single Shot: The Low Wall by John Campbell5
About the 35 Whelen by John Haviland12
A Gun Writer and His Mail by Frank de Haas16
UMC Thomas: A Recognition by Jim Foral20
Spanish Military Pistols of the Twentieth Century by Gene Gangarosa, Jr.33
Savage's Model 12 Lookalikes by Don Zutz40
The 8-Bore Today by Larry S. Sterett44
Set Triggers by J. Terry Riebling54
The Mystique of Killing Power by Sam Fadala58
Mauser's WWI Antitank Rifle by Konrad F. Schreier, Jr.65
No Second Shot by Gary Pallas69
The Most Important Shot Ever Fired by Bob Bell72
Careful! The Old Man's Got a Pistol by Howard McCord74
The Armory Hornets by Mark K. Benenson82
Holsters of the 20th Century by Bob Arganbright92
American Rifle Games: 1840-1900 by Russell S. Gilmore109
The Winchester Model 52 by Konrad F. Schreier, Jr.120
38 Snubbie or the 9 by Ralph Mroz126
What to Look for in a New Airgun by J. I. Galan133
The Mississippi Rifle by Edward R. Crews136
Custom Guns140
Art of the Engraver142
Ruger's 22 Autos: The First 50 Years by Don Findley145
The Other Model 1911 by Gary M. Brown158
Coping with an Evil Eye by R.L. Aufdemberge174
22 Hornet: It Made Me a Rifleman by Norm Nelson180
Mannlicher's Model 1895 Straight-Pull Action by Paul S. Scarlata196
The Sophisticated STEN by Chuck Taylor206
Barrel Treatments for the '90s by Holt Bodinson210
Expert Reports '98
The Guns of Europe: Fifty Years of European Design by Raymond Caranta79
Blackpowder Review by Doc Carlson129
Scopes & Mounts by Bob Bell152
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by John Malloy161
Handguns Today: Sixguns by Hal Swiggett170
Shotgun Review by Don Zutz193
Handloading Update by Larry S. Sterett200
Rifle Review by Layne Simpson212
Ammunition, Ballistics and Components by Holt Bodinson217
One Good Gun
Me and the Family Marlin by Holt Bodinson97
A Hundred-Dollar Sixgun by Massad Ayoob98
A Mossberg 144 on Silhouettes by Ed Hertfelder100
Rifle of the Century by Bobbie Johnson102
A Pair of Ithacas by Tom Boyle104
One Mossberg and 42 Years by Jerry Goldstein106
Grandad's 22 Hornet by Steve Gash107
The Family Beretta by Gene Gangarosa, Jr.108
The BAR: Model 1918A3 by Larry S. Sterett182
The 45 ACP Llama Minimax by Gene Gangarosa, Jr.184
Ruger's Multi-Purpose Semi-Auto Carbine by Jerry Burke186
Bill Hanus's Classic 20-Bore by Larry S. Sterett188
American Arms' High-Tech 375 by Larry S. Sterett190
Ruger's Model 96 Levergun by Jerry Burke192
Shooter's Marketplace229
Double-Action Revolvers294
Single-Action Revolvers305
Rifles – Centerfire
Lever & Slide Actions321
Bolt Actions326
Single Shots343
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles348
Rifles – Rimfire
Lever & Slide Actions354
Bolt Actions & Single Shots356
Competition Centerfires & Rimfires361
Slide Actions373
Bolt Actions & Single Shots394
Military & Police398
Blackpowder Guns
Single Shot Pistols401
Muskets & Rifles407
Long Guns429
Warranty Service Center Directory441
Metallic Sights452
Chokes & Brakes455
Scopes & Mounts456
Scope Mounts466
Spotting Scopes470
Periodical Publications472
Arms Library474
Arms Associations495
Directory of the Arms Trade
Product Directory498
Manufacturers' Directory515


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