Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1986


The Gun Digest – 1986

 Table of Contents
The M16A2: New World Standard For Infantry Rifles by C. E. Harris6
The Eight Dangerous Myths of Self-Defense by Massad Ayoob14
Baker Bores ‘Em Big by Don Zutz18
Up The Sprout With John And Ken by Roger Barlow23
The Legendary French 75 by Konrad F. Schreier, Jr.26
The Model 94 and the 30-30 by Sam Fadala33
A First Featherweight by E. B. Martin40
Last Chance Buffalo by Spence Dupree42
Twenty Years of Gunleather by Bob Arganbright47
GUN DIGEST Discussion No. 3: I Won't Hunt With Single Shot Rifles by E. A. Matunas52
I Do Hunt With Single Shot Rifles by Layne Simpson52
Guns We Never Should Have Sold by David Petzal58
Get A Good Ready by Sam Fadala61
Remembering Clyde by Dick Eades65
Early Pump Guns by John Malloy68
Pump Guns In The Real World by Peter Nelson80
The Truth About The Cavalry by G. N. “Ted” Dentay85
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell90
The Ansley H. Fox Gun by Don Hardin97
The Springfield 1903 Rifles: Excerpts by William S. Brophy101
The Nazis' Gustloff Pistol by Dr. Bruno Brukner106
Sing A Song Of Bullets by Reginald Bretnor112
Picking Your Go-Along Gun by Don L. Johnson118
Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others by Hal Swiggett123
Rigby's by Jerry Evans129
The Cautious Converter by Russ Gaertner135
Shotgun Review by Ralph T. Walker140
Killing Hogs by Ken Warner144
Extra-Quick Black Powder Guns by J. W. “Doc” Carlson146
The Man Who Builds Punt Guns by David J. Baker152
Rifle Review by Layne Simpson155
Black Powder Review by Rick Hacker161
Big News In Airguns by J. I. Galan164
The Extraordinary Glock by Raymond Caranta168
All-Out Autoloader by Ken Warner172
Are You Ready For The Big 10? By Francis E. Sell174
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by J. B. Wood178
The Dragons of Bruton Street by James W. Williams184
The Guns of '85186
Handloading Update by Dean A. Grennell188
Auxiliary Cartridges and Other Such Stuff by Elmer Kurrus193
One Good Gun Section
A Good Gun Is A Good Gun by Bob Bell200
S&W Trail Masterpiece by Terry Murbach203
Life With My Ultra-Featherweights by Clarence E. Ellis204
The .30 What? By Roy F. Dunlap208
A New Sniper Round by Larry S. Sterett209
The Burgess of Conyers by Ken Warner211
Norway's Chamber Loader by Nils Kvale212
Custom Gun Guild's One-Piece Rifle216
Wolf Ears and a 30-30 Derringer218
Pennsylvania's Slug Barrel Shoots Well219
Walker Chokes and the APS220
Ultra Light's Model 20 Really Is Ultra Light221
The Art of The Engraver222
A Really Unique Model 70225
Custom Guns226
The Shows of Europe by Raymond Caranta230
Ammunition, Ballistics and Components by Edward A. Matunas232
Ammunition Tables241
Shooter's Marketplace245
The Complete Compact Catalog251
Handguns – U.S. and Imported261
Rifles – U.S. and Imported304
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported353
Black Powder Guns384
Air Guns405
Chokes and Brakes423
Metallic Sights424
Scopes and Mounts427
Periodical Publications437
Arms Library439
Arms Associations455
Directory of the Arms Trade457


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