Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1979


The Gun Digest -1979

 Table of Contents
The Remington Model 51 by Donald M. Simmons, Jr.6
The Browning Centennials, by John T. Amber20
Sporting Arms of the World by Larry S. Sterett and the editors25
Friedrich Wilhelm Heym – a return to excellence by Tom Turpin38
Handguns Now! By George C. Nonte, Jr.44
Crosswind Deflections – a cast bullet anomaly by Kenneth L. Walters55
Gardone Valtrompia and the proof of Italian firearms by Mario Abbiatico60
Match Air Pistols by Robert E. Fleming63
Folding Knives by Sid Latham68
Alex Henry and his falling block rifles by Wal Winfer76
Gun Proof in India by Lee Kennett84
Gun Proof in India – an historical account by A. G. Harrison86
European Hunting & Shooting Exhibition 1978 by John T. Amber91
Two Inches of Pleasure and Problems by Peter Barrett100
NRA Report 1978 by John T. Amber103
Testfire Report by Larry S. Sterett109
Let The Gun Talk by Lucian Cary114
The Gatling Gun by Ernest Lisle Reedstrom131
Steel Shot Update by Wallace Labisky136
The Model 77 Ruger Rifle by Daniel Peterson140
Electronic Night Sight by James D. Mason146
Bob Emmons – Stockmaker by Ken Waters152
The Hunting Rifle Stock by Bob Hagel154
Glow Plug Guns by Robert W. Metze160
Browning's New Pump Shotgun by Wallace Labisky162
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell168
Want more ducks? Build a Blind by Paul T. Hennig175
The 444/308 – another 94 Winchester Wildcat by Myron Rockett177
The Double Rifle – Its care and feeding by Jack Lott181
Slug, Mike, Match by Robert Sherwood194
Diminutive But Deadly by Clair F. Rees196
The Sleeping Bag by Bob Bell199
Firearms and the English Language by Edward Damon207
New Wheels for the Hunter by Roger Barlow209
Long Gun Report by Larry S. Sterett213
Blue Magic Shotshells by James Neill219
Hornady's Frontier Ammo by Jon R. Sundra221
Steyr-Daimler-Puch/Gamba Austria and Italy join forces224
New Engraving Tool by Harry Phillips226
Handloading Report by George C. Nonte, Jr. and the editors227
Custom Guns and their makers234
Double Action Auto Test by Kenneth L. Walters240
Economy Double Guns – and how to buy one by Wm. Hovey Smith243
Art of the Engraver masters of metalwork248
Shooter's Showcase new products reviewed254
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Walters258
Ammunition Tables264
Handguns – U.S. and Imported268
Rifles – U.S. and Imported299
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported337
Black Powder Guns366
Air Guns383
Chokes & Brakes397
Metallic Sights398
Scopes & Mounts401
Arms Library408
Periodical Publications430
Shooting Publications431
Arms Associations in America and Abroad432
Directory of the Arms Trade434


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