Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1977



The Gun Digest – 1977

 Table of Contents
Sharpshooters in the Civil War by Dan Flores6
Milady's Rifle by Dr. Sam Fadala15
The Ferguson Rifle Mystery by Ed Dieckmann, Jr.18
Sporting Arms of the World by Bob Steindler and the editors23
Gun News From Winchester and Remington by Bob Steindler and the editors27
NRA Meeting 1976 by Bob Steindler and the editors31
Recessed Bolt Heads by Ellwood Eppa32
International Gun Show by John T. Amber52
French Cannon Collectors by Pierre Salf and Raymond Caranta56
Famars Fusil Four by Roger Barlow57
Acid Test by John Robinson59
A Day with Drummong by Bob Bell62
Hanky Panky in the Boondocks by Jack O'Connor65
Power-Tool Gunsmithing by Wm. Schumaker69
Ruger Rarities by Bill Bennington73
Firearms in Frontier America – The Economic Impact. Part II – 1800 to 1900 by M. L. Brown77
Ithaca's Mag 10 by Wallace Labisky89
Pyrodex – Nitro for Black! By Roger Barlow94
A Conversion Fairlure by John A. Mosher96
Updating the 444 Marlin by Don Zutz97
The Stockmaker's Cradle by Robert A. Burmeister100
Center Shot To Win by Lucian Cary102
Shotgun Patterns by Nick Sisley109
U.S. Pocket Automatic Pistols by Donald M. Simmons, Jr.116
Notes on Airguns by Ladd Fanta127
Shooting in Scotland by R. J. Robel133
John Wilkes – Gun and Rifle Maker by Jerry Evans138
Heart Attack! The hunter's worst enemy by J. H. Mayer, M.D.141
The Twenty Comes of Age by Francis E. Sell144
Steyr SSG Sniper Rifle by Bob Hagel150
Hunt Oklahoma! By Byron Dalrymple155
Gun Proof in England by Lee Kennett161
Handloading the 30-30 by Guy Lautard173
Firearms Industry Super Shoot by Skip Gordon177
A Pair of Autos by George C. Nonte, Jr.181
Ol' Yellow Jacket Shoots Again by Hal Hartley184
Squirrel Rifle – a plea for the 22 rimfire by Don Lewis188
Modern Chronographs, A Comparative Study by Kenneth L. Walters194
Elmer Keith – a legend the world over by Francis W. Goble199
Handgun Report by George C. Nonte, Jr.201
The Auto Mag Story. Part One by Kent Lomont210
A Trio of Varminters by Larry S. Sterett218
Testfire by Larry S. Sterett220
The New Knifemakers by Sid Latham223
Review for Reloaders by George C. Nonte, Jr.231
The Tula Choke – and old fashioned loads by John M. Taylor237
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell242
Art of the Engraver masters of metalwork248
Shooter's Showcase new products reviewed254
Custom Guns and their makers258
Ballistic Nomograph by Fred Palenschat264
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Walters267
Ammunition Tables271
Handguns – U.S. and Imported275
Rifles – U.S. and Imported305
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported339
Black Powder Guns367
Air Guns382
Chokes & Brakes396
Metallic Sights397
Scopes & Mounts401
Periodical Publications428
Shooting Publications429
Arms Associations in America and Abroad430
Directory of the Arms Trade434


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