Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1968


The Gun Digest – 1968

 Table of Contents
Breech Loading Firearms, Merril K. Lindsay4
Breech Pressure Breakthrough, Michael W. York and Don Cantrell17
U.S. Handguns 1967-68, Jay Charles23
Gun Proof in Czechoslovakia, Lee Kennett30
Varmint Calling, John Lachuk34
Browning versus Winchester, Bill Resman40
Air Rifles are for Men, Col. Charles Askins44
Krautbauer Trophy, Bill Ryan49
U.S. Rifles and Shotguns 1967-68, George Nonte and the Technical Staff54
Block That Kick!, Donald Hamilton71
Testfire! 1967-68, Ken Waters and the Technical Staff77
Collecting Shotshells, Carlos Vinson91
Round Nose Bullets, Ken Glanzer98
Trail Bikes and Trail Guns, Frank C. Barnes101
22 Single Actions, L. S. Sterett107
Hitting's Easier!, F. E. Sell115
Reloading Tools & Components, George Nonte119
The Bigger the Cartridge, Warren Page134
Sharps Side Hammer Rifles, Frank de Haas138
Art of the Engraver, 4 pages of new work146
Savage Pistol Isometric, James M. Triggs150
Arms from Abroad 1967-68, Bob Steindler152
Snub-Nosed Magnums, Paul B. Weston161
Hunting Trip Tips, Pat Snook164
Remington 40-XB Rifle, Jim Horton166
Home-Grown Exotics, B. W. Dalrymple169
Guns for Competition, Jim Crossman176
Firearms Fundamentals, John T. Amber183
Scopes & Mounts 1967-68, Bob Bell185
Rx for the Made-To-Measure Gunstock, Jack O'Connor194
A Season with the 6.5 Magnum, Robert Sherwood200
Ramrod Guns, Country Style, E. C. Lenz204
They Must Die, R. J. Robel211
Grouse Can't be Hit!, Roger Barlow215
The Secret Pistol of World War I, Wm. B. Edwards220
Guns of Seven Centuries, 16 pages in glowing color225
23 1/2 – the Instead Caliber, Bill Corson242
Metal Shotgun Cartridges, S. A. Balistique246
U.S. Signal Pistols & Flares, Vagn G. B. Christensen250
No More Ground Hogs, Bob Bell255
The 444 Marlin, Christian H. Helbig257
Custom Guns and their makers260
Don't Knock Hunters!, NSSF264
ABC – Metallic Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters265
Shooter's Showcase, new items on display273
U.S. Handguns278
U.S. Rifles291
U.S. Shotguns312
Foreign Arms in Americac327
Pellet Guns348
Chokes & Brakes357
Ammunition Tables359
Scopes & Mounts363
Metallic Sights370
Arms Associations374
Arms Library375
Shooting Publications385
Periodical Publications386
Glossary for Gunners387
Directory of the Arms Trade389


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