Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1961


The Gun Digest – 1961

 Table of Contents
On the Range with the Williams98
Handloading the Magnum by Don Martin99
Days of the Springfield by Townsend Whelen103
Hunting Scope Test by Bob Bell110
Kill Deer! by Allyn H. Tedmon117
Mars Auto Pistols by Larry S. Sterett121
World's Most Powerful Rifle by Jac Weller130
Testfire! A Field Survey by Ken Waters135
Selecting the Custom Stock by Nate Bishop139
Proof in Post War Germany by A. Baron Engelhardt144
Talking Turkey by Don Shiner147
The Minié Rifle by E. F. Donnelly152
Gun Digest Rifle Guide by Bob Wallack158
Home Swaged Bullets by Mason Williams164
The Ideal Gauge by Jim Horton169
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters173
Artistry in Metal, a gun engraving sampler180
Exploded Drawings, a GUN DIGEST Feature257
1893-95 Mauser Catalog, a GUN DIGEST Bonus321
Metallic Sights, with prices280
Reloading Tools, with prices284
Arms Associations296
The Arms Library298
Periodical List306
Shooter's Showcase307
Glossary For Gunners312
Directory of the Arms Trade314


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