Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1960


The Gun Digest – 1960

 Table of Contents
Miniature Guns by Fred Thacker and James M. Triggs3
Too Many Cripples by Bob Hagel8
Charges are the Bunk by Warren Page10
Counter Chronograph by Edw. M. Yard15
U.S. Firearms 1959-60 Center- and Rimfire Rifles20
Shotguns by Bob Wallack27
Handgun Review by Kent Bellah30
Kodiak Bear by Charles Askins36
Proof in Modern France by A., Baron Engelhardt40
There's Danger in Damascus by J. W. Houlden43
The Dove by Nash Buckingham46
Ultimate Deer Rifle by Edmund Waters52
Special Shotgun Stock? by John Maynard57
Handguns for Hunting by Don L. Johnson61
Arms – and the Women by Ruth C. Douglas65
Shotgun Fallacies by Francis E. Sell69
Cook's Confederate Armory by Charles J. Hrockman, Jr.74
Everybody's Target by Frank Stout80
. . . Cartridges, a miscellany by Charles H. Yust84
Ferlach, USA by Stuart D. Gross90
Are Shooters Regimented? by Henry M. Stebbins93
One Boy's Gun by William R. Barbour99
Ideal Military Rifle by Jac Weller100
Shotgun Seminar by George W. Busbey107
Astra Automatics – Series 900 by Larry S. Sterett116
Sixgun Miscellany by Elmer Keith120
World's Handiest Gun by Frank de Haas125
Cut-Rate Varminter by Mack Stirman131
Precision Cast Bullets by Kent Bellah134
British Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters140
Jaguar Jungle by Tom McNally145
Days of the Krag by Townsend Whelen150
Texas Brag Goose Hunt by Erwin A. Bauer157
War Surplus Weapons by Bob Wallack and Bob Brenner161
Wilhelm Brenneke by H. Jung and L. P. Davison166
Machine Gun Mix-Up by Melvin M. Johnson, Jr.173
Hunter Safety, a picture story178
Shooting-Hunting Schools by Dick Miller181
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters183
Power for Engravers by John Murphy190
Artistry in Metal, a gun engraving sampler192
Exploded Drawings by James M. Triggs262
Custom Guns196
U.S. Rifles – models and prices200
U.S. Handguns – models and prices216
U.S. Shotguns – models and prices228
Chokes and Brakes, with prices239
Pellet Guns – models and prices242
Foreign Arms in America247
Ammunition Tables, with prices270
Scopes & Mounts, with prices277
Metallic Sights, with prices285
Reloading Tools, with prices289
Arms Associations298
The Arms Library300
Shooter's Showcase307
Glossary For Gunners313
Directory of the Arms Trade315


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