Taylor’s & Company Announces TC73 9mm Lever-Action Rifle

Taylor’s & Company Announces TC73 9mm Lever-Action Rifle

Want a lever-action rifle chambered for something a bit more modern? Here we take a peek at Taylor’s & Company’s TC73.

Lever-actions have been the hottest thing in the gun world lately, but Taylor’s & Company’s new TC73 rifle has taken a different approach than most other companies that have taken a crack at the trend. Rather than make a modern, tactical lever-action or just another traditionalist take on the classic design, Taylor’s & Company decided to give the TC73 a 9mm chambering instead.


Completely made in America, the TC73 is essentially a revamped 1873 chambered for 9mm. It boasts a 10-round magazine, classic looks and a few tasteful modernizations and improvements. Namely, the muzzle is threaded 5/8×24 for mounting suppressors and it has a Taylor Tuned Performance Action that provides a lighter trigger and a smoother lever throw. It also features a white bead front sight, a sporting semi-buckhorn rear sight and a rubber butt pad. As for the rifle’s aesthetics, the steel frame has a beautiful case-colored finish and the stock and forend are American Walnut.


Compared to the cartridges that lever-actions are traditionally chambered for, the 9mm TC73 brings a lot of versatility to the table. The ammo is incredibly common, comparatively affordable and is available in a wide variety of different loadings spanning range use to serious defensive bullets. The ability to add a suppressor is just the cherry on top.


If you’re in the market for a classic, stylish lever-action rifle with all the practicality and versatility of 9mm, the Taylor’s & Company TC73 is well worth checking out. MSRP is $2,099.

For more information, please visit taylorsfirearms.com.

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