Tactical Rifles


Video: What to Look For When Buying a Kalashnikov Rifle

Not all AKs are created equal. Discover the rules of thumb you need to follow to evaluate Kalashnikov rifles.

First Look: FN M249S Semi-Auto

The Gun Digest editorial staff got an in-depth first look at the new FN M249S while at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Check out the video for more info on the M249S.

.223 Home Defense Ammo

Over-penetration is a concern with home defense ammo no matter what the caliber. Here are some loads up to the task.

Market Trends: Huge Demand for Reloading Supplies

Reloading supplies, turkey guns and suppressors have Bluegrass State shooters breaking out their pocketbooks.

IWI Introduces Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Israel Weapons Industries continues to make plenty of waves in the tactical world. Its most recent, a new bolt-action sniper rifle, is a marked break from the company's previous precision platforms.

Market Trends: Bull Market for Tavor SAR Bullpup in Texas

Tavor SAR Bullpup is still a relatively new rifle, but in some spots has already developed a strong following. For a Texas-based retailer the spunky tactical tool has been flying off the shelves this winter.

Market Trends: ARs and Used Brass Hot in OKC

Reloaders and modern sporting rifle fans have fueled one Oklahoma retailer's sales as of late with ARs and used brass leading his sales.

Ammo: Reloads or Factory?

Have the benefits of reloading been outpaced by modern factory-loaded ammo?

Advances in AR-15 Ammo

The AR-15 platform has become the most popular rifle in the world, and even though most are chambered for the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO cartridge, many other cartridges are now available for this versatile rifle.
ar ammunition

A History of AR Cartridges

The original caliber for the AR-15 wasn’t the.223/5.56, it was a slightly smaller cartridge. The .222 Special delivered the kind of performance that the designers wanted, which was basically a 50-grain bullet at under 3,000 feet per second.
full metal jacket 9mm

Massad Ayoob: The Dangers of Over-Penetrating Bullets

One critical rule of firearms safety is that the bullet must stay in its intended backstop. No responsible shooter would go to one of the older indoor shooting ranges that have a warning poster saying “LEAD BULLETS ONLY, JACKETED BULLETS CAN PIERCE BACKSTOP” and then proceed to pump hard-jacketed bullets into that frail backing.

SETPOINT Ammunition – Gourmet Fodder for Your Precision Rifle

Clearing a Double-Feed in an AR-15 – NSSF

Armed Self-Defense for Gun Owners, New and Old

The gun salesman of the year, aka Barack Obama, has put guns into the hands of thousands of people who never before owned them. Maybe that is you; maybe it's one of your friends or co-workers; maybe you've owned guns for years but want to get advanced level training.

Towsley On Target: The Big (.50 BMG) Guns

In this web exclusive feature, Bryce Towsley admits his new addiction to the big .50 BMG guns: How much fun they are to shoot, and custom build.


Tactical rifles, including AR-15 reviews, sniper rifles and carbines for tactical use in professional contexts and for home defense and personal protection. The term tactical rifles encompasses a vast array of guns, including precision rifles, sniper rifles and even some carbines used by military and law enforcement. But it also includes those used by everyday people for self-defense of property and life. In short, tactical guns are for serious business. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesShotgunsMuzzleloadersAR-15sConcealed Carry

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