First Look: Bergara B-14 Squared Crest Rifle

First Look: Bergara B-14 Squared Crest Rifle

Bergara has recently announced the B-14 Squared Crest Rifle, a new ultralight bolt-action hunting rifle available in four chambering options.

Anyone who’s carried a traditional hunting rifle on a backcountry hunt should understand, and appreciate, the current trend of ultralight rifles. One of the newest models to come out is from Bergara in the form of the B-14 Squared Crest Rifle. With a weight starting at only 6.9 pounds and available chambered in four popular hunting cartridges, it will likely prove very popular with those who like to harvest game off the beaten path.

Bergara B14 Squared Crest Rifle feature

The biggest contributor to the B-14 Squared Crest Rifle’s light weight is the 100-percent carbon fiber stock. It features a carbon spine down the middle to improve rigidity and durability, and its length-of-pull can be adjusted using spacers. The included 4140 CrMo steel Bergara Precision Barrel helps as well, as it’s fluted to further reduce weight. The barrel is also threaded 5/8×24 and comes with a Bergara Omni Muzzle Brake to help mitigate recoil, and the barrel is guaranteed to be sub-MOA accurate.


The rifle is available chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Winchester and .300 Win. Mag. All barrels are 20 inches in length besides the .300 Win. Mag. model which has a 22-inch barrel. Other features of the B-14 Squared Crest include AICS-pattern detachable magazine compatibility, a 90-degree bolt throw, an adjustable Bergara Performance Trigger and a Sniper Grey Cerakote finish. It also has a two-position safety that allows the rifle to be unloaded while the safety is engaged.


All four models of the Bergara B-14 Squared Crest Rifle are available now and share an MSRP of $1,999.

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