First Look: Benelli Lupo KAOS Rifles

First Look: Benelli Lupo KAOS Rifles

Benelli recently announced the Lupo KAOS line, a limited-edition version of the Lupo rifle series.

The Lupo was Benelli’s first bolt-action rifle, but the gun has already earned itself a solid reputation since it was released three years ago. The Lupo KAOS series is the latest addition to the line, and while they don’t have any new features, they do bring some nice aesthetic changes and the chance to win some long-range goodies along the way.


The primary draw of the new Lupo KAOS line is that each individual rifle is unique. The Cerakote finish comes in several unique color combinations, and the finish is hand-distressed at the factory to ensure that each rifle is truly one of a kind. When it comes to the actual features of the Lupo KAOS line, they’re identical to standard Lupo rifles. Unlike the standard version, however, the Lupo KAOS will only be chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor. Some of the standard but noteworthy features include a 24-inch Crio-treated and free-floated barrel with a 5/8×24 threaded muzzle, an adjustable trigger and an adjustable stock featuring the Benelli Progressive Comfort System for reducing recoil. MSRP for the Lupo KAOS is $1,999.


This limited-edition rifle series (it only lasts until August 1st) has another angle to it in the form of two contests. One is a photo contest, and of the individuals who submit a photo of themselves alongside a Lupo KAOS, one will be selected to attend the Outdoor Solutions Long-Range Shooting School. The other contest is for purchasers of Lupo KAOS rifles, as serial numbers can be entered on the company’s website to check whether a gun is a winner. The owners of 10 lucky rifles will each win a Steiner Predator 8 scope, and one of those winners will also be selected to attend the Outdoor Solutions Long-Range Shooting School.  

For more information on the rifle or more details about the contests, please visit

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  1. In the 70’s, car writers would proclaim that car designers had run out of ideas when they introduced a current model with black rubber/plastic bumpers as an “upgrade” to chrome bumpers.

    I really like my Lupo .30-06, but this smacks of “black outing” a car carried forth into the instagram age.


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