First Look: The Select-Fire Hatsan Blitz PCP

First Look: The Select-Fire Hatsan Blitz PCP

Hatsan Blitz

A pre-charged pneumatic, the Hatsan Blitz brings some serious muscle to full-automatic air rifles.

Key Features Of The Blitz:

  • Capable of shooting a .30-caliber slug 730 fps at the muzzle and a .22 1,050 fps.
  • Feed off 16-round rotary magazines.
  • Air tank capable of more than 100 shots per charging.

Agreed, this isn’t exactly the select-fire you were hoping for. But with the National Firearms Act still on the books, beggars can’t be choosers. Anyhow, the Hatsan Blitz has much more potential than previous full-auto air guns.

Its predecessors, for the most part, are BB guns, run off CO2 cartridges. Wildly fun, but completely novel. They chew up paper like no tomorrow, but barely have enough oomph to dissuade a determined squirrel from the bird feeder. The Hatsan Blitz, on the other hand, brings some muscle to the table.

The Turkish concern’s pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) kicks out slugs with some serious authority. For .22 caliber the list is 1,050 fps at the muzzle, .25 caliber 970 fps and .30 caliber 730 fps. For some context, Federal Premium lists its 40-grain American Eagle .22 ammo’s muzzle velocity at 1,240 fps. The Blitz isn’t up to that mark but isn’t a world away either—certainly enough to put down varmints and small game at appropriate ranges.

Rate of fire is not divulged, only Hatsan’s boasts that it’s high. However, it is limited. Feeding off 16-round rotary magazines, the air rifle will require quite a bit of reloading when running full auto. Though, it’s 580cc carbon fiber air tank keeps the fun going, providing more than 100 shots between chargings. The potential is always there to slow things down a touch and flick it over to semi-automatic if you have the oaken will to do so.

Full-auto fun doesn’t come cheap, the MSRP on the Hatsan Blitz is $999.

More From Hatsan:

Bentonville, AR – New for 2020 is another airgun innovation from Hatsan. The Blitz is a select-fire semi-/full-auto, Pre-Charged Pneumatic, .30 caliber air rifle that produces upwards of 50 ft-lbs of energy. Users can easily switch between either firing mode with just the flick of a switch. The gas-operated cycling mechanism does not rely on battery power and is capable of firing at a high rate of speed. This new rifle features a large 580cc carbon fiber air tank that can provide over 100 shots of semi- or full-auto excitement. Two 16-round spring rotary magazines are included with the rifle, and the loading key has its own unique storage space on the stock.

The tactical all-weather synthetic stock not only looks great but boasts excellent ergonomic features, as well. The integrated pistol grip has rubberized panels to help facilitate a secure grip in any environment. An elevation adjustable cheek rest ensures proper sight alignment, and the buttpad is both elevation and angle adjustable so it can be customized to fit just right.

Equipped from the factory is a 1-piece carry handle with adjustable open sights that can be removed to make way for lighted and/or magnified optics of choice. Hatsan's standard combination optics rail is integrated into the top of the receiver, allowing for the use of either 11mm dovetail or 22mm Weaver mounts. Three Picatinny accessory rails surround the air cylinder for ultimate flexibility in accessory mounting options. The Blitz also features a built-in manometer that is color-coded for easy reference.

Blitz Features:
-Select fire, semi-/full-auto, Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle
-Currently available in .30 caliber
-Detachable spring rotary magazine holds 16 pellets
-2 Magazines included
-Gas-operated cycling mechanism does not rely on batteries
-580cc carbon fiber air tank fills to 250 BAR (3625 PSI)
-Tactical all-weather synthetic stock with integrated pistol grip
-Rubber pistol grip panels for enhanced control and feel
-Elevation adjustable cheek rest
-Elevation and angle adjustable rubber butt pad
-Combination 22mm Weaver and 11mm Dovetail optics rail
-Included 1-piece carry handle with open sights
-Built-in pressure gauge to monitor tank pressure
-Black anodized aluminum receiver and barrel shroud
-Manual safety switch
-Fitted/integrated sling mounts
-MSRP: $999.99

Hatsan Blitz Specs:
Calibers: .22, .25, .30
Max Velocity: 1,050 FPS, 970 FPS, 730 FPS
Max Energy: 53 Ft-lbs
Magazine Capacity: 16 pellets
Air Cylinder Volume: 580cc
Fill Pressure: 250 BAR (3625 PSI)
Number of Shots: 100
Overall Length: 45.2″
Barrel Length: 23″
Weight: 8.9 lbs

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